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P6 Indoor LED display (SMD)
P6 Indoor LED display (SMD)

Indoor LED display screens are based on SMD technology. The viewing angle is large to 160° in horizontal and 120° in vertical. Different from the traditional SMD 1-in-1 type, in SMD 3-in-1 LED display, each LED consists of red, green, blue diodes mounted on one chipset. So it performs better in color uniformity and consistency, video synchronization and stability, easy maintenance. In addition, the small size pixels make it possible to produce the high resolution LED display screens. The modules doesn’t need to be sealed with sealant, therefore, the modules has a lighter weight and is of good heat dissipation, meanwhile, the maintenance of the display is convenient (picking up sealant is not required).


  • Perfect quality and stability, 24/7 running
  • Best consistency with signal input, vivid color
  • Best viewing angle reach to 160° horizontal and 120° vertical
  • High luminous efficacy, energy-saving
  • ≤1mm surface level up, smooth video
  • RGB ratio 1:4.6:0.16, pure white balance
  • 7000nit above brightness, automatic brightness adjustment
  • High luminous efficacy, energy-saving
  • Standard cabinet, easy transport and installation
  • Modular design, flexible shape for big area
  • Centralized control management for multi-displays
  • Front service available, easy maintenance
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